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Meta Fiction // 9.18

I have to comment on that last gif because… gosh if ever there was a perfect visual representation of Dean’s arc this season, that is it. Because Dean has always had an inner darkness that is part of him (a darkness nurtured by Alistair in Hell, a darkness that reveled in the purity of Purgatory, a darkness that we see being tapped into by the mark of Cain), and as littlehollyleaf and I both just talked about, Dean is a man who struggles with a duality in nature, struggles between the light and the dark within. And that is represented beautifully by that division of light at the start of that gif. But then what happens? The darkness then moves to cover his face completely, the light gone, consumed, and all that remains is shadow.

Just my interpretation of course, but I suspect this is another hint at the very dark place Dean will be in come season’s end…

All this duality of Dean stuff is my new favourite thing!

To further this speculation - don’t forget the song that was playing over that final gif. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore. And when the sun isn’t shining what are you left with…? ;)

(and now I’m thinking about Cas being Dean’s sunshine, oh man!)

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